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salad bar cooking

Courtney, I'm so impressed with your ingenuity!  Can you keep small supplies
of food in your dorm room?  
1. The addition of corn tortillas would let you make black bean burritos. 
2.  If you can talk the kitchen into giving you plain cooked spaghetti
noodles, and brought a small jar of spaghetti sauce, you could make pasta
prima vera.  You might even find a low fat instant noodle to use.
3.  If you manage the noodles, you can make lo mein, especially if bring
your own sauce.  Maybe you can manage instant rice.
4.  If you find some acceptable instant soups (I believe those Fantastic Big
Soup Noodle Bowls are vegan, but they may be low fat rather than fatfree),
you can add vegetables of your choice, water and microwave to make a one
bowl meal, if they have big enough bowls.  

You might also ask the cafeteria to institute a burrito bar night, and work
with them to make sure the beans are vegan and vlf.  Dorm cafeterias are
usually looking for something to spice up the options.  They usually love
student involvement when it takes a positive form.  You might be surprised
at new items they are willing to add to the salad bar on request, too -
maybe even diced tofu.  They might be willing do steamed Chinese vegetables
as a regular side dish in the main line.

Unfortunately, they are unlikely to install a Mongolian Grill, though it
would make a very original and cool dorm cafeteria.

Good luck!