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salad bar meals

> Hi!  I am a vegan college student who is sick of the
> salad bar in our cafeteria!  I have taken various
> fresh vegetables and microwaved them, cooked
> vegetables are great, and added soy sauce.  This too
> is getting a little old though.  I have access to a

Hey Courtney,
  I make a "rice pot".  I use brown rice, add some kind of beans or cubed
tofu, something for the protein, then whatever fresh veggies are around that
appeal, then season, could be curry, could be chili powder and/or salsa,
could be lots of herbs, whatever you are in the mood for.  Great to make
extra for left overs.

You can make this in a microwave, just have to be watchful, I have cooked
brown rice that way, though admittedly, white is easier.  You need a
casserole dish with a lid, then you need to fill only half full or so, and
cook on high a few minutes to bring it to a boil, then stop it immediately,
and cook on 50% power a few minutes at a time so it doesn't boil over.

Can you get a rice cooker?  You could make this rice pot thing in a rice
cooker, or an electric skillet, etc.

And, you could use the salad bar stuff to make soups.

Hope that helps.