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RE: Margarine

Hummus is wonderful. I also find that I use an awful lot of very thick
applesauce (made at home, it's good and good for you). I think that people
too often overlook roasting garlics in their skin. When finished, you have a
wonderful garlic "butter" that can be used for spreads, as well as pasta
dishes (it serves well as a base for such things such as linguini and
broccoli).I haven't found alot of very good low fat margarines, but I used
to use what is termed "low fat margarine and mix it with Olive oil (extra
virgin) and keep it in my refrigerator. This lowered the amount of overall
fat, the amount of just gunk I would take into my system and lower the
cholesterol factor.

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>What do you use for margarine?  Please suggest brand names of very low fat,
>dairy-free margarines.  Thanks.

I don't know that there are many low-fat margarines out there (they're all
pretty much 100% calories from fat anyways, unless they're adding in
fillers), and the few that exist taste a bit odd to me.  For what use do
you want it?  If for a bread or muffin spread, I use jams or fruit spreads,
hummous (chickpea spread, which can be made fatfree), or just plain nothing
at all.

If for baking, I substitute applesauce in most places I would normally use
margarine or butter.

If for frying, I use non-stick pans, a little water, or a scant teaspoon of
olive oil.