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Re: Freezing Soya Kaas

Hi, Courtney!  I love Soya Kaas too.  I don't use the Fat Free version,
however, but the "regular".  I freeze it routinely (all varieties), and it
never crumbles.  The texture doesn't seem to change in any way that I have
noticed.  I go to my HFS and buy 6 or 7 blocks at a time and stick all but
one in the freezer.  That keeps me for a couple of months.

Maybe the crumbling is a drawback to the Fat Free Soya Kaas.  You'll have to
decide whether you want the smoother texture and the fat (it's still pretty
lowfat) or the crumbles and no fat.

By the way, Soya Kaas is enough like real cheese so that my dog even begs
for it!  :-)


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