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tofu "loaf"

I make this tofu loaf and most people love it.  I use it as comfort food and
serve it as you want - mashed potatoes, vegetarian gravy and a veggie
(usually green).  It "feels" good.

Take a pound of firm or extra firm tofu, freeze it, thaw it out and squeeze
out the water.  It becomes spongy, so you can actually squeeze it like a

Crumble it up and shake on garlic powder and Worcestershire Sauce - I'm
pretty sure you can get a vegetarian type, but don't know the brand or where
right now.  Maybe someone can supply that information.  Mix this well and
just add whatever you would add to the meat kind of loaf - chopped onion,
chopped green pepper, bread crumbs, whatever seasonings you use, I even put
in ketchup.  I use only the egg whites or egg beaters to hold it together.

Form into a loaf, "frost" with ketchup or whatever, bake until set.  It is
great hot as a main meal for dinner or in a sandwich.  Enjoy!
Mary Ann