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trader joe's

I have heard about Trader Joe's products and stores
many times, being a long time list subscriber.  I had
always been disappointed that there was not a Trader
Joe's store in MN, where I lived.  I recently moved to
Boston and was excited to visit the store in
Brookline.  I was very disappointed.  Has anyone else
visited this store?  It was very crowded, I could
hardly move and maybe that was the problem, but I was
not impressed.  I did not find many "meat" substitutes
at all, it was very expensive, and the produce looked
questionable.  I did not find many milk free things
either, or even ff for that matter.  Did I go on an
off day?  Has anyone else gone to this particular
store before?  I am hoping it was just this store or
maybe just an over crowded, under-stocked day.  I
would love to hear other's input on the subject!!
Thanks in advance-

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