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Trader Joes

Trader Joes came to our area (DC, Maryland) several years ago and I go
there all the time. Cheese prices are much less. They have a great
Jarlsburg Lite sliced cheese.

You have to try the Soy Vey sesame soy marinade/sauce and Island Sauce
which is sweeter. Both are great to marinate fish, use in veggie stir
fry or just put on things as a sauce. They must sell a ton of it.

I also get the frozen fruit popsicles, desserts, crackers, breads,
canned beans, pasta and grains, olive oil, milk, coffee, frozen
vegetables (frenchstyle green beans in particular), even candles and
other sauces. It's so much fun to see what's new and our store has a
great fellow who cooks up goodies and gives out samples.

One thing though...many of the prepared foods are NOT fatfree. In fact
many are high fat....so read the labels.

Ellie in MD