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Re: Nutrient DataBase

From:   stor@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Stor)
To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx

You wrote and quoted  Brown9213@xxxxxxx
Subject: Nutrient Data Base and More . . .

<<For those who have recently asked nutrient related questions which are not
allowed by the guidelines for this list, check out the following url, which
might have been previously posted.>>

and said:  I found this freeware that list more than 6000 nutrient details. 
food companion http://www.siestasoftware.com

RBrown9213@xxxxxxx responds: II visited siestasoftware.com last week when 
another list member posted its address. The problem with this freeware is 
that you can't view it before downloading. I avoid downloading superfluous 
stuff when I can just as easily visit a vast site and make it a favorite for 
quick viewing. I still prefer 
http://www.nalusda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl. However, to each his own, 
and the more the merrier! There are several good sites. Perhaps this will now 
assuage those with questions on nutrition which are not allowed on this list. 
Good luck to all. be well.