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here are two rhubarb-recip.

1. rhubarb-"kompott"

500 g  rhubarb
0,3 L  dry white wine
4  tablesp. honey
1-2  cinnamon sticks

peel off rhubarb and cut into pieces. add wine, honey and cinnamon and
for about 20-30 min.
let it cool down and remove cinnamon before serving it.
its best after a few hours in the fridge!

2. rhubarb-banana-curry

400 g  rhubarb
250 g  apples
100 g  onions
0,1 L water
50 g  raisins
1 ts  curry
1 lg banana
2 tb red wine
a bit of ginger
black pepper
2 ts honey 

peel off rhubarb and cut into pieces, the same with the apples and
heat water in a pot, add the rhubarb and onions and let them steam for
2-3 min. now add apples, raisins and curry and steam for another few
cut banana into pieces and add. stir carefully and bring it to boil
remove pot from stove and spice it up with wine, black pepper and
maybe a bit of salt.

enjoy :)