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Wheat Berries and Soybeans - Response

For the nutritional value of almost anything, go to the USDA website
<http://warp.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/index.html> ) and perform a
"Search".  I know we're not supposed to use this chat room for nutritional
information, but so many people keep asking.
To EVERYONE reading this, jot down this web address for future references.

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Subject:	Wheat Berries and Soybeans
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I just bought big batches of wheat berries and soybeans.  Does anyone know
the nutritional content of wheat berries?  Fiber? Calories?  Protein  Any
good recipes you can recommend for either of these?  I checked the archives,
but I am always looking for more.  Any breakfast recipes for wheat berries?