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Durian - the worlds most dangerous fruit


I mentioned the durian I am currently enjoying in a previous message and
thought there were some out there who have never tried this marvelous (at
least in my opinion) fruit.  It looks like a foot ball which has dressed
up like a hedgehog.  It has a strange garlicky odor which really turns
some people off but what is inside in my opinion is truely wonderful

You break the beast open and you find seeds encased in fist size balls of
a wonderful sinfully creamy tasting custardy material.  I truely love it.
When I finally got my husband past the smell of the fruit he likes it too
(but is not as addicted as I am)  You are supposed to be able to roast the
seeds and eat them like nuts but when I tried it i was not impressed.

Anyway if you are adventurous (and want to get a lot of questions as you
are walking around the grocery store with the beast in your cart) pick up
a durian.  I tried my first one after it was mentioned on this list.

 Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada