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Adzuki sweet bean paste

I love adzuki beans. What a healthy dessert when you make sweet bean paste!
(Any red bean works in sweet bean paste, but adzukis seem to have a more
refined texture and more subtle flavor.   They can substitute in so many
recipes where dates, jams, other beans, other fillings etc etc are featured.
I often make sweet bean paste to have on hand; it keeps for weeks in the
fridge.   I'll use it in dumplings, popovers, balls, pastries, cookies. I
don't have any RECIPES , I just experiment and throw it in, tasting all the
way.  See next post for the bean cookies formerly posted by someone from
this list. Its a very quick, healthy treat, good for breakfast too.  When I
have adzukis or the bean paste I use them instead of white beans.

But here's how to cook them, and the recipe for Sweet Bean Paste:

How to cook adzukis
2.triple volume cold water
3.boil one minute, cover pan, remove from heat
4.stand two hours or more
5.drain save water and add fresh water  OR use same water for vitamin
and minerals: boil gently til done -

Sweet Red Bean Paste

 Cook beans:
 Simmer boiled azuki beans and 1/2 amount of sugar
 over low heat with a pinch of salt, stirring frequently, until it
 becomes thick and glossy. (1/4 t xanthum gum is not necessary but
miraculous here).

 For thick & chunky bean paste, mash the
 beans with a wooden spoon to obtain the texture you like.  For very
 smooth paste, puree it with a handblender, or toss it in a blender
 or food processor.