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Re: Fat free french fries

In a message dated 7/2/2001 11:58:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
JesCamm@xxxxxxx writes:

<<  was wondering if anyone knew the recipe to the fat free french fries in 
"The Taste for Living" cookbook or if anyone had any other good fat free 
fries recipe.
I like to cut the potatoes like steak fries, dip them in Second Nature egg 
substitute and then toss/season in a paper bag containing onion powder, a 
little cayenne pepper (go easy) and paprika. Those that love garlic, can use 
some garlic powder also, or any other flavoring you desire. Place on a baking 
sheet sprayed with ff spray (I use one that is garlic flavored), and bake in 
325-350 degree oven until golden brown. Total fat = 0.