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fettucine, red peppers, etc. salad update

Here is an update for the several list members who wanted recipe.

I tried it over the weekend with whole wheat and plan pasta, and then used 
imported sweet red pepper pasta, and what a difference. One just use alot of 
water when boiling or pasta can become sticky. Another things, this time, 
don't saute or steam the veggies. I used prepared sundried tomatoes and 
rehydrated them, jar of artichokes, jar of roasted red peppers, used package 
of pre-washed baby leaf spinach and trimmed off hard stems, chopped red 
onion, white pepper, parmesan, jar of pitted black olives, olive oil, 
balsamic vinegar, and that's all. Came out best this way. Hope I haven't 
forgotten any of the ingredients this time! You know that you can add chick 
peas or anything else you want. SUnny