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Re: Miso

Coach Beverly Kurtin wrote:

> There are more uses for miso than you can shake a chopstick at.   Types
> range from very mild to "hang on, mama, my tongue just got pickled!"  That's
> just my way of saying VERY salty.
> To get a fuller picture, try http://www.miso.or.jp/miso-e/index.html and
> branch out from there.  There is nothing like a hot steaming bowl of miso
> soup to start the day with.
> Ciao...
> Beverly Kurtin
> Personal Coach

Regarding the VERY SALTY miso it is to be noted that while a tsp of salt is all
salt, containing something like 1,000 mg of sodium, or something outrageous like
that, miso has only about 380 mg in the whole tsp.   still a lot, but not like a
boullion or commercial broth which is almost entirely salt.
    I find miso to be more mellow than commercial broths, and the salt in it to
be less harsh, but MUCH more flavorful.
    Thanks for the GREAT site, I really enjoyed it.   Kitty

Kitty in Somerset, PA
mail to:basyefelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx