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Re: Firm and crunchy tofu


I use Mori-Nu's low fat tofu (firm or extra firm) and slice or cube a whole
package, or 2.
Mix about 1 cup breadcrumbs and seasoning (I use Trader Joe's no salt
21-seasoning salute and some garlic powder), to taste, in a plastic bag and
gently add tofu to coat.
Place tofu on cookie sheet and bake in 350-375 oven, moving around on cookie
sheet every so often so no sticking.  Bake as long as want, ie, more crispy,
bake longer.

This also works with veggies and TVP-style "chicken"--comes out like "chicken
nuggets."  The key is to check every 5-10 minutes to avoid sticking because
using no oil (I guess Pam would work but I don't use).  And, to add even more
protein, sometimes I use a "batter" of egg whites to coat tofu or veggies
before putting tofu or veggies in plastic bag.  Enjoy.