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tofu recipe for Diane

Diane asked about how to make "crunchy" tofu.
A while back someone submitted a recipe for tofu "bacon" that was 
interesting.  I have been doing something along the same lines because the 
original recipe was too salty for our taste.
Take very firm tofu (not the kind in the aseptic boxes) and drain it.  I 
position one of those screens that prevents spatters from pans on your stove 
over the sink, place the tofu on it and then put a plate on top of it and 
weight of some kind on the plate to further squeeze moisture out of it.  
After it has drained, slice it very thin on the short side.  You can use a 
cheese slicer to do this or just a sharp knife.  Place the slices in a 
shallow rectangular dish or cake pan (non-aluminum). Then I mix together 
barbecue sauce, liquid smoke and nutritional yeast and pour over the tofu 
slices.  Try to coat them all well on both sides.  Put in the refrigerator 
and marinate for at least a few hours, or overnight.  Then take them out and 
"fry" them on a nonstick skillet (I don't even need PAM for mine, but you 
might cause the bbq sauce can be sticky) on a very low temp for a very long 
time - until they are very dark and crispy.  
You can make sandwiches with this, or just eat as is.  
Hope this helps!

Ruth in the chilly Chicago 'burbs