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Re: Avacados

SnwBdAngel@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I love to eat avacados, but they are so high in fat. Are there any
> other
> tasty fat free snacks, or is it ok to eat an avacado once or even
> twice a
> week?? any help would be appreciated.

You can make fake guacomole using green beans - I think the recipe is in
one of Dr. McDougall's books. Alternatively, if you can control
yourself, you can have small amounts of avocado. Eating an entire
avocado even once a week will introduce a large amount of fat into your
diet. How about making guacamole or some other avocado dip and having it
on your bread? That might stretch it, so you can get the taste without
too much of the fat ...

Be well, Hadass

Hadass Eviatar
Winnipeg, Canada
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your G-d. Micah 6:8.