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recipe transit.

i know this is a bit off the subject.. a bit.. but recently i got this
little email computer contraption called a 'mailstation'.. it's about
1/2 the size of a laptop and you hook up a phone line to it when you
want to send or get email. anyway, one of the neatest things i've
found i can do with it, when i'm in a bit of a hurry and don't want to
copy down a recipe, is send it from my regular email address, to my
mailstation address.. bring my mailstation into the kitchen and set it
right by me to make the recipe! now, i'm not saying to go out and buy
the thing just for that (its like a hundred bucks) but if you've got
one, or something like it, it's just a neat little time saver you
might want to try. :)

jaime, your resident product hypes-person ;)