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RE: soba noodles

I realize this is a bit late, but soba noodles are  buckwheat noodles. 
You can occasionally find them at health food stores labeled as such, too. 

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Hi Chelsea

Soba noodles are Japanese - in England they're pretty easy to buy from any 
supermarket but I think we have more Japanese produce here than you? 
(correct me if I'm wrong). They're quite similar to Chinese noodles but 
seem to have more substance and I don't think they have egg in them. They 
come in whole-wheat as well which is my preferred sort.

Whenever we go to Japanese restaurants (like Wagamama in the UK) we always 
have vegetarian Yaki Soba, which is kind of like vegetable chow mein only 
with Japanese spices, tofu, and really great vegetables like Pok Choi. If 
anyone has a recipe for this, I'd be really grateful.



G'day!  When I was flipping around through a magazine, I happened to glance
over a recipe promoting whole-grain foods and an ingredient was "soba
noodles".  What are those?  How accessible are they?  This was in a recent
Ladies' Home Journal mag., so I figure they must be rather easy to buy.