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RE NaturesFlavors.com

Hi all

This may be absolutely nothing but I attempted to order a bunch of things
from NaturesFlavors.com.  There was no shipping information on their web
page except that US orders are free for a time (I am in Canada).  Their
order procedure is a four step process.  I completed the first two steps
then suddenly (before I had fully processed the order or committed to
purchase - I was waiting to see the method of shipment and price - I
suddenly get an email that my ORDER HAS GONE THROUGH!!  Fortunately I had
not yet given them a credit card number.  I have made two enquiries the
last two days about the method of shipment and get no answer.

Do they actually exist or is this some type of scam?  Have any of you
successfully delt with them?  They seem to have some interesting products
including the much talked about peanut butter extract.

Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada