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Just wanted to add my 2c worth re the rice debate going on..  I had an awful
time cooking rice.. it would always end up in a soggy mess... until I tried
this. Now I get perfect rice every single time with no hassle at all.
Measure out your rice, stick it in a microwavable dish, add exactly twice as
much water (a touch more for brown), a little salt (if you like), put a lid
or clingwrap over it and throw it in the microwave for about 15mins for
white, or 25 for brown.  Bring it out, fluff it and voila.. perfect rice, no
crunchies :)
I'm sure the time would vary depending on your micro. mine's 1000 watts.  If
there's still water left in the rice after your time is up just give it a
minute or two more.

Anyway, it works for me!!
Good luck!