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Re: green food

I saw a neat garnish with tiny brussel sprouts.  You know how you cut a rose radish?  They'd done that to the sprouts.  
They did a mix of raw, and some that had been steamed with a sweetish rise vinegar on the.  I could see a tiny dice of sweet red pepper in them..

But that's getting complicated! 

This subject caught my attention because my husband almost always refuses to eat anything green.  He doesn't like the taste of "green."  Uh huh.  Ok. 


>  In a message dated 01-02-27 05:21:38 EST, you write:
>  <<  Does anyone 
>   have an EASY and edible green or other non-beige garnish to suggest?  EASY 
>   is the operative word.) >>
>  Muriel -

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