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RE: EASY and edible non-beige garnish

Muriel, we often use parsley to garnish beige foods.  It is good with just
about everything and good for you too!  Another thing we often do is to
serve a small amount of broccoli with cauliflower.  The broccoli adds a
bright green and the flavors are complimentary.  The other option we most
often use is to add chopped bell pepper (we always have some chopped green
pepper in the freezer) or a little bit of pimento from a jar.  I often
improvise with recipes and am known for adding chopped carrots to beige
items such as rice, lentils, beans, etc.  I just let the carrots cook with
the rest.  This also adds color.  HTH  Pam

Original Message
>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:19:18 -0500
>From: Muriel Kranowski <murielk@xxxxxx>
>Subject: Bev Kurtin's rice
>(Dinner was beige last night.  The brown rice; fresh cauliflower that had
>been micro-ovened to almost done and then wokked with a little salt & curry
>powder; baked smoked tofu ready-made from the
>health-food-store.  Delicious, but not much visual appeal.  Does anyone
>have an EASY and edible green or other non-beige garnish to suggest?  EASY
>is the operative word.)