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Vitamix and flour

I've said this before, if I had to give up all of my appliances except two,
I would keep my Vitamix and my Kitchen Aid.  Nothing, IMHO, can beat either
one.  That said, I will not use my Vitamix for flour, I use the Kitchen Mill
for that job.  Reason? Vitamix flour comes out warm to hot.  Also, the
danged NOISE can drive you nuts!  It doesn't mill the flour quickly and as
anyone who has one of the monsters knows, it ain't exactly quiet.  The
Kitchen Mill is no hushmaster either.  It sounds like a small jet engine,
but the flour comes out cool and the milling is pretty close to instant.
Pour grain in, get flour out.

For just about anything else, including making fresh fruit ices to whipping
up a fresh hot soup, the Vitamix can't be beat.

The reason that Vitamix uses the term Vita is because of its ability to let
one do whole food juices, etc.  It is one heck of a machine, but not, again
IMHO, for grinding flour.

Beverly Kurtin
Hurst TX