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Re: Egg Substitute (from gelatin)

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From: TK

> I think the problem here is that unless you have an allergy to eggs,
> probably not eating them for moral/ethical reasons/beliefs. Since gelatin
> derived from animal bones and skin, most vegetarians won't eat it.

Yes, sorry about this - I kinda forgot the issues involved because I happily
use gelatine.  I suppose that I was so pleased with myself for finding this
(I was only thinking of this as a solution to the fat issue) that I forgot
that it might offend (hey, that's the excuse my Lady used for putting
forward the suggestion that we could live in 2 different places with her
coming home (i.e. to the country where I would be from the city where she
would be) on weekends...  I guess I better go and forgive her *grin*).

> I wonder if agar would work? Can you get agar in powerdered form?

I guess it might do, actually - I have never used it, but surely if it can
be used like gelatine it would be fine.

Again, I proffer my apologies,