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RE: Egg Substitute (from gelatin)

I think the problem here is that unless you have an allergy to eggs, you're
probably not eating them for moral/ethical reasons/beliefs. Since gelatin is
derived from animal bones and skin, most vegetarians won't eat it.

I wonder if agar would work? Can you get agar in powerdered form?

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> From: Lee-Gwen [mailto:piglet006@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 8:54 AM
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> Subject: Egg Substitute (from gelatin)
> In my searching for home made packet mixes, I came across this
> recipe which
> I thought might be of interest to the List.  Clearly, this egg substitute
> offers very little in the way of protein and vitamins et cetera, but it
> might be useful even still.  I have not tried it and do not know
> how good it
> is.
> Lee-Gwen
> Egg Substitute (from gelatin)
> ===================
>   1 tsp. gelatin, unflavored (2 grams)
>   3 tbs. cold water (45 ml)
>   2 tbs. (plus 1 tsp.) boiling water (35 ml)
>   Preparation Steps
>   1) Combine gelatin with cold water.
>   2) Add boiling water, and stir until mixed well.
>   3) Use this mixture as a substitute for one egg in other recipes.
> Tips: Use immediately after preparation.