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Re: Barley, Shiitake And Spinach Pilaf

Barley and mushrooms are our favorite food combo this winter. I gathered over a hundred interesting recipes with these ingredients from my Mastercook data base and almost everyone looks great.

Tonight I'd just started to make this, which I'm posting separately, when my 30 year old son called about coming over and bringing a friend. "Sure," I said, then I remembered that we eat a little offbeat for most young people. Friend asked what was in the pilaf, but I said "never mind." I should not have told him that the green things that I served with the meal were soybeans, because he stopped eating them.

Anyway, I put the tofu in the pilaf. It made a lot and was a good dinner. Unfortunately we don't have enough left overs for another meal. Accompaniments were steamed fresh soybeans, fresh cutup fruit, and fatfree cornbread, using a favorite recipe from the archives.

Enjoy,  Kathleen