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Re: Tuna Salad alternative

If the Nayonnaise or any other dressing smells rancid, it probably is.  return
it.   I use Lowfat Miracle Whip for my hubby's lunches since he throws a fit at
fat free and I found a jar in the back of the cupboard.   without a thought I
opened it and it looked congeled and smelled rancid.   I checked the date and it
was over two years past the date.   LOL   must have been hiding.   anyway, the
health food isles in a lot of stores have a problem with things going past the
date so it would be a good idea to check them before you buy them and don't
expect things to last much beyond a year past the date.   six months would be
more user friendly still.   JMHO,  Kitty

RBrown9213@xxxxxxx wrote:

>  The others, awful. Nayonnaise, not good
> either. Bought it and it smells and tastes rancid. Awful. Please provide
> recipe if you can. Thanks, Sunny

Kitty in Somerset, PA
mail to:basyefelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx