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Re: Tuna Salad alternative

Have you tried Nayonaise?  It does a credible job.. but sorry.. I don't remember its fat content here at work!! 


On Thu, 01 February 2001, Diana wrote:

> I simply love tuna mushroom casserole with rice or noodles, but now make it 
> with artichoke instead of tuna.  Artichoke has almost the same sort of 
> flavor and texture elements as tuna and is a healthy vegetable.  You can 
> either use canned artichoke hearts packed in water that you chop up a bit 
> or I buy wonderful artichoke bottoms, pre-cleaned and frozen, at my local 
> Greek grocery.  I think artichoke hearts would make a wonderful tuna-type 
> salad.  Now if I could only stand the taste of fat-free mayo....

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