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lovely fruit salad

This is my familys favourite fruit salad and I make tons of it during the summer when the berries are fresh and plentiful. It makes a delicious dessert by itself or a wonderful topping for angel food cake or ice cream. I also like it for breakfast with oatmeal or millet.

Fruit Salad

fresh strawberries-sliced in hearty pieces (I usually use a quart)
juice of one lime
1 Tbs brown sugar

1. Wash all the fruit and drain well.
2. Cap and slice the strawberries and place in a large bowl.
3. Add the rest of the fruit.
4. Sprinkle with brown sugar and lime juice and mix well.
5. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight to allow the fruit to macerate (release its juices) and the flavours to blend.

The proportions are suggestions only, I have used more or less of the berries and added blackberries too! I find the amount of brown sugar and lime juice is adequate even if you make a lesser amount, but you may want to add a bit more brown sugar if you make a lot more. Lemon juice doesn't taste as nice as the lime juice. Enjoy!


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