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Re: potato salad was:FATFREE Digest V01 #169

For pasta salad, Cook up your favorite pasta, rinse well with cold water and
sprinkle with your favorite wine, balsamic or herbed vinegar...... cool......add
whatever fresh veges you have on hand...   broccoli, onions, cukes, tomatoes etc
etc etc....you can add some canned beans if you like.....maybe even some fresh
herbs, parsley, basil, cilantro....etc

Is there a fat free dressing you like?  Usually I toss everything with the
herbed vinegar....right now I am hooked on Nakano seasoned rice vinegar,
balsamic blend.

Tina - Calif

> : With summer in full swing I'd love to make some potato or pasta salad but
> : >am not particularly fond of fat-free mayo.  Does anyone have an
> : >alternative, or a suggestion for possibly a better tasting mayo?
> : >Mary Ann