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Re: Dixie Diner ???

At 08:27 AM 8/5/01 -0400, RWhitt1212@xxxxxxx wrote:

Where did you find this brand? I've never seen it. Robin

Dixie Diners' is a mail order company. Some of their stuff is carried in some natural food stores. You can request a catalog or order online at: www.dixiediner.com or email to: info@xxxxxxxxxxxx

No affiliation, etc. Just a satisfied customer. We use a fair amount of their Ground Beef Not tvp (Spaghetti , chili, sloppy joes, veggie meatloaf). I order it in the 10-lb size. I also like the Beef Not Chunks in stew (use a beef stew recipe and substitute rehydrated Beef Not for the Beef). We really like the Down Home Barbecue mix -- just had some for supper last night, in fact.

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