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This is a recipe I have used many times and can be used with any type of =
pasta, though I prefer macaroni or fusili. =20

1 kg ripe tomatoes (roma are best)
handful fresh basil - chopped coarsely
handful fresh parsley (italian type - not curly leaf) - chopped coarsely
garlic - 2 cloves (or to taste)
stick celery - chopped finely
1 tablespoon capers

Wash and chop tomatoes.  Cook in a large saucepan until tomatoes soft =
and mushy.  I mash it a bit with a fork.
Add chopped garlic and celery.  Simmer for half an hour, adding a little =
water if sauce starts to burn.  Then add the basil, parley and capers =
and simmer for another 15 minutes.  Sauce is ready when it is thick and =
a rich colour.

Add to cooked pasta. =20

I call this my summer sauce because it is quick and easy to make after =
those wonderful mornings at the beach.

Hope you like it.

Margaret Muratore
Perth, Australia