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> Was wondering what foods or dishes are you all
> having for breakfasts.

I, myself, eat oatmeal most days of the year, including summer. Very quick
and easy to make up One-Minute oats in a microwave, add a tablespoon of
raisins and a dash of cinnamon. Other people add anything from fresh fruit
to maple syrup to fat free soy milk.

Other breakfast ideas are pancakes, waffles and muffins made from scratch
using healthy whole wheat or other whole grain flours, and when using
non-stick pans these can all be made fat free.

There's also leftovers from the day before's dinner (remember those days of
cold pizza in college?), or just take some leftover rice or potatoes and add
some breakfast-friendly toppings, like ketchup or a mild salsa.

And of course, there's the sweets-lovers favorite fruit smoothie made with
ff soy or rice milk and fresh fruit.

Sue in NJ