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Good Passover Matzoh recipe/method

 From http://www.npr.org, there were recipes by Amy Bernstein of The
Classic Catering People in Ownings Mills, Maryland.  She prepares
matzoh by softening it and then she makes spanikopita and vegetable
quesadillas. I decided to try her softening method and then see if I
could use the matzoh and adapt recipes from this list. (I'm aware that
some people have Passover observance requirements that prohibit matzoh
from being used this way.) Recipes with layers of noodles or filo
dough seem well-suited for this kind of thing.

Preparing the matzoh:
Soak a paper towel and put a sheet of matzoh on it. Then put another
soaked paper towel on top then another sheet of matzoh, ending with a
soaked paper towel. Let it sit about 15 minutes and then flip the
entire stack over. 

I used the softened matzoh last night to make a lasagna and tonight to
make the spinach pie recipe (Kai's spinach pie in the archives.) My
husband saw the matzoh and commented on it but liked both dishes. I
think I'm onto something.

For the lasagna, I think I used 3 or 4 sheets of matzoh. For the
spinach pie, 2 pieces were fine, one on the bottom and one in the
middle. For the top layer, I'd recommend using sauce or just sliced
tomatoes and covering the pan for most of the cooking. A little oil
spray or sauce helps on the bottom of the pan before putting the first
matzoh piece down.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday......

p.s. I think I'll try something with eggplant tomorrow night.....