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Chicken Substitute

I don't know how widely it's available, but here in Utah I get Chicken Style Wheat Meat (or Meat of Wheat, or some similar-sounding name) in the freezer at Good Earth. You can contact the company directly at www.whitewave.com . It's really good. (I hesitated to post this direcly to the list because I'm pretty new and I don't want anybody to think I'm selling anything.) But I really like the stuff. It makes a spectacular chicken-salad (w/fat free mayo, celery, grapes, and I add a sprinkle of wheat germ--but that may be too high fat for this list :) ) But on the negative side, if you try to use it in casseroles or soups it doesn't work very well because it soaks up most of the moisture like a sponge and gets soggy and icky. So if I use it in a casserole, I just cook the casserole first and then add the wheat meat at the very end for only long enough to warm it up.

Michelle Smith

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