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Re: Corn starch

>     Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "thicken" a sauce?  I am =
> a vegan, so I have been trying to use things like corn starch, but every =
> time I try it, the corn starch is very lumpy and doesn't dissolve well.  =
> When I can get it to dissolve, and there are no lumps, it doesn't =
> thicken!  Does anyone have a better way or any good recipes?


All I know is always add the cornstarch to cold liquid, ie some water,
then, add it to whatever is cooking, mine always thickens OK.

I use it in gravy and all sorts of stuff, I dissolve it in water,
sherry, soy, tamari anything cold, then add it and simmer for a few
minutes till the dish is thicker.