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Where can I find...

I have a question, or three, rather:
Most of my family's grocery shopping is at the big-name grocery stores,
like Wal-Mart and Food Lion.  I know of one small health food store open
limited hours that I assume sells many of the harder-to-find vegetarian
items talked about here.  Some on this list do eat fish and I'm going to
ask how to find sushi, like raw tuna, salmon, etc.  Can I just buy regular
fish meat and eat it raw?  (Sorry if this offends the non-fish eaters on
this list; if it does please let me know and i won't ask any more fish
questions.)  Where can I find cucumber rolls (rolled up in white rice with
a skin wrap)?  

Also, away from the fish: where can I buy guacamole, the green Mexican dip?
 I'd think its a common item I could find, but I can't seem to.  Is it fat

And thirdly, I love the seasonings from the Oodles of Noodles packs: the
mushroom, oriental, chicken, etc.  But there is a lot of fat in the
noodles, I don't buy them.  I would like to know what to buy to make my own
similar seasoning, for other uses, like on vegetables, etc.  Any advice?

Thanks a bunch to whomever responds!  I greatly appreciate any suggestions.  

Peace to all,