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diet info. needed abt. kidney disease

I am new to this site (and to veg eating)  but I hope I can get some help
from anyone.  My friend's 20 year old daughter is undergoing kidney removal
next week.  The other functioning kidney is diseased. She has an immune
deficiency, so transplant is out of the question.  She has been told to
avoid ALL protein, animal fat,salt, sugar  etc. because this causes
scarring on the remaining diseased kidney. She is very careful about her
diet, she is a vegetarian but does eat some dairy, usually only cheese,
which she knows she should avoid.  Her triglycerides and cholesterol counts
are 2-3X what is considered normal. The doctors have been no help with her
diet.  My question is: is soy based protein as harmful to her as animal
based protein?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  She is
living on brocolli and rice and the occasional bit of cheese.