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Re: Eggs

Hello all,

I have sat back and read all the post about eggs.  Any egg that is not cooked 
or pasteurized has the potential to be contaminated with bacteria.  Yes, the 
bacteria needs the correct environment to become harmful.  This particular 
bacteria is within the chicken itself and gets in the egg as it is formed.  
There is no way of knowing which eggs may be contaminated. Technically there 
could be 2 different bacteria that eggs have the potential to be contaminated 
with.  Salmonella and e-coli.  Salmonella would be present when the egg is 
formed and e-coli would be a factor when the egg is laid.  If you don't eat 
things with raw eggs in it you will relatively safe.  Many animals other that 
chickens carry salmonella.  Most reptiles can be a source for salmonella.  
E-coli is present in just about every living organisms feces.  The e-coli 
that is harmful is one that has been mutated by a virus.  Wash your fruits 
and veggies well. Don't cross contaminate raw meat with other foods and cook 
meat and eggs thoroughly and store food at proper temperatures and you will 
decrease your chances of food poisoning greatly.  If eggs are a great concern 
for you then purchase any egg substitute as they are pasteurized and safer.  
I hope this helps and does not confuse the issue.  Bacteria is present 
everywhere and always has the potential to cause harm.  Have a great day.