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re a question for Michelle Dick, and eggs

   Sorry for the mix up that saw my letter sent to the List. The last time
I posted, it seems to me that if you used the address that comes when you
press 'Reply', the letter went elsewhere, and not to the List.
   In any case, I received the List this a.m., so apparently some of the
problems are fixed (as they keep promising).
   Regarding eggs, parasites, etc., and eating the whites, not the
yolks..we keep chickens (and other farm animals), and use the hens' eggs
raw, cooked, for many different things.
   I cannot see how there would be any danger of salmonella or any other
disease from eggs, unless you are using eggs that have cracks. This, you
should never do.
   Otherwise, though, a strong shell will provide the egg with all the
protection from contamination it could need, and you could need.

Kathleen Wilson
Glenwood, Nova Scotia