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recipe - stuffed squash Lundberg

Easy Stuffed Squash Lundberg - 4 servings

1 box Lundberg 1-step Basil & Garlic rice & lentil mix*
2 buttercup squash

Mix the Lundberg flavor packet and grains with water in a pressure cooker,
bring to pressure and cook 25 minutes.  Use the lower amount of water listed
on the box.  (This will take about 50 minutes in a regular pot, follow box
Cut the squash in half, remove seeds.  Place open side down in a covered
casserole in approximately  1/4 inch of water.  Cover and microwave until a
knife can penetrate the outside rind (about 20 minutes).

Place each squash half open side up on a plate and spoon  Lundberg casserole
into the opening.  This tastes elaborate and takes very little effort.   

*The Lundberg 1-step Basil & Garlic is made with 3 types of brown rice, red
lentils, green lentils, yellow split peas, cumin, basil, & garlic, and maybe
something I've forgotten.  The dominant flavor is cumin, not basil.  This
recipe is for those of us who can't stand sugared and nutmegged squash :-)