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OT: Shareware: Back-Up Software!!!

All, hello and good morning!!

I have to absolutely share something I've found online.  Yes, another
shareware gem!

I love software. <G>
I just found a back-up program that will let me pick and choose files to
create a back-up set, then later go back and change the selected files if I
want to!  (Most I've found don't let you, unless you pay big $$ for
ArcServe), AND it will direct them to save to my CD-RW!  (or Zip, or 2nd
hard drive, anywhere!) Very cool.
I believe in back-ups.  Too many times burned, even when I had a back-up
scheduled!! It's called Smart Back-up, and the link is
http://www.jam-software.com/smartbackup/.   Another nice thing is when it
reruns the back-up, it only saves the files that have changed (called
"incremental", I think), so back-ups save space and don't take days.  You
can set it to run each time you boot up, or at intervals.
A cool thing?  You can easily go back and look at the files that were backed
up through a Windows Explorer type window, so you KNOW what you've included
in your set.

Yes, I'm coughing up the steep, steep, $15.00 to pay for it.
<g>  I've been looking for months for something more flexible than my built
in Windows NT back-up.  Also something that would let me add or remove files
I wanted included!  I'm so thrilled.
I scheduled for last night and everything ran beautifully.

Hope you enjoy it. :)