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OT: Today's Outlook 95, 97, 98 & 2K Tip

Hi all.
I just remembered an often overlooked trick with Outlook.
If you are in your Inbox, you have a list of your incoming mail on the
Right-click on a message and choose Categories.
A list of default categories will appear.  In the top box, type in the
category you'd like to add.  For me today, this was a To Try category.
Click Add. Click OK.

For now and forever, you can right-click on an email and categorize it as
you wish.
To categorize several emails at once:
hold down your control key
select the email you want to categorize by clicking once on them,
release the control key,
right-click anywhere and pick a category.

If you've ever tried to do a search in Outlook, it's rather cumbersome.
Searching by categories, however, is a breeze.  It doesn't matter what
folder something's in, nor whether it's chocolate chips or chocolate

I hope you find this handy!