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My "pizza" crust

Hi!  This isn't really what you'd call a "pizza", I suppose, but I enjoy it
thoroughly and make it my version of the otherwise fat-loaded dish.

For the crust (ok, this is the weird part):

--1 can spinach or collard greens, blended in blender until smooth like
baby food
--1 part white flour/ 1 part ww flour (don't know how much you'll
need--just enough to make the mixture doughy and spreadable on a baking
sheet.  I generally use a cup total or so.)
--1-2 tsp. baking powder
--1-2 tsp. baking soda
--2-4 tsp. sweetener
--dash of italian seasoning or garlic, if you'd like

Mix, then spread on floured baking sheet.  Spray with FF cooking spray to
prevent burning.  In 375 degree F oven, bake about 10-12 mins, until almost

Then, add your favorite toppings, spray with the cooking spray, and bake
however long you need for your toppings.  

Some of my favorite toppings:
--fresh green peppers; fresh tomatoes; mushrooms; FF cheese; chopped
onions; tomato sauce; canned chinese vegetables (i.e. bean sprouts, water
chestnuts, etc.); italian seasoning, garlic, lemon pepper, pizza pepper (I
like it hot); etc..... you decide.

Have fun with it!