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oil subs

Yvonne, You asked the #1 question in fat-free cooking . . . living
without oil!
Applesauce can be used one for one in sweets or baked goods.
Straining it in a coffee filter first can reduce the density
of the final product, making it more like its supposed to be.
But, like you said, applesauce won't cut it the rest of your
cooking.  Here's where your creativity will help.  Once you
hear a few ideas, you will be able to apply them in all your
recipies. Here's some hints:
1. do with out.   Things like grilled cheese or sauted vegetables
can be cooked "dry"- just watch them for burning and keep the flame
a little lower.  Broths, stews and sauces survive wonderfully as
2. broths/stocks by the spoonful can be used in sauteing if
necessary.  Even water or cooking wine works well.
3. the liquid packed with canned beans can become the "carrier" of
flavors which is often what the oil does.  Today I'm making a
pasta/veg/bean toss with garlic. I used to use 1/2 cup of oil in
this recipe; now I use the bean liquid and saute the garlic in
broth.  (try to purchase lower sodium beans and those w/out the
4. Use less.  Some things like waffles just need oil.  I've lowered
the amount to the minimum necessary to prevent sticking - and I
make them less often!.
5. Experiment.  A salad with out oil sounds tricky, but flavored
vinegars and herbs may provide enough flavor for you.
There are tons more ways to live without oil.  Let your creativity