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RE: Master Cook


The difference between the different titles is in the recipes that are
included. The software is the same for all of them. The suite just contains
more cookbooks, so no, you don't need to buy that title. Now as you have
noticed, there are different version numbers also, i.e. 4, 5, or 6. The
version number does signify a different "engine". You want to make sure you
get the latest version, which is 6. The main difference between versions 5
and 6 is that 6 uses indexing to achieve much faster searches. 5 was
incredibly slow. You'll appreciate that when you get a lot recipes entered


> Does anyone know which version of MC is the better one? I went to
> the Sierra Site, but couldn't tell from the descriptions which
> one would serve my needs better. I did write to some Q&A web
> sites, and they recommended MC, but didn't say which one was
> better. I am looking for a program that will let me Cost out
> Recipes, as I would like to start Catering, but if the Number 5
> or 6 Version will work, i don't want to spend 59.00 bucks on the
> Suite Version. Please Help! And Thanx In Advance. Monarae