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To the folks who are thinking about substituting Splenda for sugar in their pumpkin pie recipes,
you might check out the vendor's website at www.splenda.com. Not only are there a number of
recipes, but there's also a long explanation of how to use this product in place of various
sweeteners without losing the effect of the sweeteners in your recipe. An excerpt: 

"SPLENDA® No-Calorie Sweetener works best in recipes where the main role for sweeteners is to
provide a sweet taste. For example, SPLENDA works well in pie filling, cheesecake, sweet sauces,
marinades and glazes. It also works well in quick breads, muffins, cookies, and pies. In recipes
where sugar provides structure to the product, such as plain yellow or chocolate cakes, you may
need to make a few slight changes in your recipe for best results. In recipes where the amount of
sugar is quite high and sugar plays many other roles in the product's structure and texture, such
as meringues, caramel, pecan pie, and angel food or pound cakes, complete substitution of SPLENDA
for all the sweeteners may not yield the best results."

You can get a free sample of Splenda at this website, too.

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