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Re: tabouleh

Brendan Gunning wrote:

<<Okay, I'm ready. After lurking on this list for months while eating very
badly - in spite of heart disease - I'm going home this evening and throwing
out EVERYTHING that I'm not supposed to eat. Oil, milk, high-sugar

Congratulations, Brendan, on going fatfree!  I'm sure you'll feel better for

<<But I have a question. I have a box of tabouleh mix which calls for adding
olive oil. What should I substitute for the oil?>>

Here are a couple of things I've used to replace the oil:

1) fat-free Italian salad dressing.  Also adds a nice kick to the tabouleh.

2) (and some people will think this is gross, but. . .) the liquid from a
can of chick peas or white beans.  It has the thickness that you need to
replace the oil.

If you want, I can post a fat-free tabouli recipe that is WAY better than
the mix.